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Midorima x Reader: Stars
He wasn’t here. You scanned for him through the crowds of people in the room. His friends were here. Your friends were here. But he wasn’t.
Is he really going to come? You asked yourself, doubting him. He was your best friend, your lover, and you couldn’t go through such a special day without him. You wanted him to come, needed him to be there, but he wasn’t.
You walked out of the room, into the balcony, staring at the evening sky. You sighed to yourself. You wished he could see the dark clouds contrast the colourful sunset with you.  You wished that he would’ve remembered today.
“(Y/n),” You turned around to see a man, taller than you, dressed in nice clothes. “What are you doing here?”
“Looking at the sky,” you told him, reverting your gaze back to the clouds. “And you?”
“I’ve come because you were here.” He went to stand beside you, leaning his arms on the ledges just l
:iconvalerieskye16:ValerieSkye16 9 0
Akashi x Reader: Cheers for Love!
(Y/n) was sat on the small seat in front of the instrument she loved, alone, staring blankly at the monochrome keys. Should I tell him? She let her thoughts wander, closing her eyes as a sigh left her lips. Is he okay with me?
Aishiteru banzai!

Koko de yokatta
Watashitachi no ima ga koko ni aru

The blue door creaked as she slid it open, and she entered the room she considered her haven. Making her way towards her seat, she took off the red cloth on top of the black and white keys of the piano.
Her fingers placed themselves on top of the keys, knowing immediately the notes to the song she wanted to play. She pressed softly on them, letting herself hear the sound of the beautiful instrument before starting to sing along with her music.

Aishiteru banzai!
:iconvalerieskye16:ValerieSkye16 8 4
Romano x Reader: Mutuality
Warning: Please take note that there will be a lot of cuss words in this story.
Silence. Silence had enveloped the two for a long while now. It had been several days since they had their last real conversation. There was a thick air of tension building up around the two of them.
The room was extremely quiet, and Lovino was irked. He took a short glance at the girl beside him on the bed, (Y/n), reading a book she was so engrossed in. Finding that she wasn’t going to look back at him, he reverted his gaze back to the ceiling; a blank, cream coloured ceiling that wasn’t at all entertaining to look at.
Lovino inhaled, exhaled, and blinked his eyes twice, yet the silence wouldn’t go away. The lack of sound was piercing his ears, him getting more and more irritated by the second. Once he could bear it no longer, he spoke, “(Y/n), what the fuck is wrong with you?”
He heard no response from the girl. All she did was turn to face him, her thin eyebrows knitt
:iconvalerieskye16:ValerieSkye16 18 34
Romano x Reader: Hopeless Bastard
Warning: Please take note that there will be a lot of cuss words in this story.
Should I make him something? The generous thought resounded her head as she stared at her empty calendar. February 14 is... Valentine’s Day, right?
(Y/n) was sprawled all over her bed, staring blankly at the boring ceiling on the evening before Valentine’s Day. Lovino was out with Feliciano, since his little brother had dragged him along to get something special for Ludwig.
She couldn’t think of anything to give him, much less if she should give him anything at all. All her thoughts made her head feel a little dizzy, and she decided to procrastinate his gift until much later. Shifting so her head would lay comfortably on top of her fluffy pillow, her eyes fluttered shut as she hugged her teddy bear tightly and fell asleep.
She couldn’t sleep. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t. She was afraid. She couldn’t keep her eye
:iconvalerieskye16:ValerieSkye16 20 11
Colonizer!Spain x Filipino!Reader: Love Like War

Year 1896. The Spanish colonization of the Philippines. It’s been long since it was like this; my nation, my home, being tortured, abused, and stripped of their rights. Children were hit. Women were raped. We had no freedom, and no one was safe. It was a cruel world for us, and it was all because of Spain.
Spain. It was all Spain. Spain could pertain to two; the Kingdom of España, the country that had colonized us and treated us like dirt, the country of which its citizens exploit our land and its riches, as if it rightfully belonged to them, and not to us. That, and him. Antonio Fernandez Carriedo. The man that had won my heart, played with it, and broke it into pieces. The same man I now despise, for everything he’s done to me, to my family, and to my country.
“Antonio!” I come running at him, my eyes filled with tears. My white blouse was now torn, and my skirt was worn out.
:iconvalerieskye16:ValerieSkye16 21 15


untitled. | akashi seijuro
✧ akashi seijuro x fem!reader
✧ reader and akashi are both second years.
✧ this is a rather long story divided into 10 chapters, so be prepared!
✧ have fun reading ♡
1 -
You loved to spend your afternoons at Rakuzan at the library- headphones in your ears as you did your schoolwork. It was peaceful, and there weren't many noises or nuisances that annoyed you, considering the fact that most of the bitchy girls in Rakuzan mostly spent their free time outside of the school.
Or at the gym, stalking the emperor, Akashi Seijuro. 
How did you know that? Because your favourite spot in the library just so happened to be by the window, facing the school's gym that was used for first string basketball practice.
And almost every time you were there, there would be girls crowding around its entrance just to see him.
Seriously, you thought. Just last year everyone was tal
:iconsoorumi:soorumi 39 14
Things to Learn [Prince!Romano x Princess!Reader]
17 March 1904
You felt as Moses did in Midian, a stranger in strange land. In an effort to strengthen and aid your tiny kingdom, a marriage was arranged between you and the older prince of the Kingdom of Italy.
Between you, Princess [f/n] [l/n], and Prince Lovino Vargas.
You tugged at the sleeves of your wedding gown, a pale [f/c] that felt a little too cheery for the thoughts running through your head. You were already married to him now—no longer visiting princess, but the kingdom's princess consort. As such you wondered what turn your life would take.
If you were really honest with yourself, which you allowed yourself in the privacy of this bridal suite, you were worried for your future. The thought of being married by itself wasn't so bad, but the thought of being married to him… You had seen him in his court—the way he tended to snap and holler and carry on, how truly angry he seemed. Would he be like that all the time? Was this what your life woul
:iconthatonefic:ThatOneFic 211 59
Broken Bones, Broken Hearts [Akashi x Reader]
Warning: Profanities
He finds himself just stroking the skin along her arms. She makes a snarky comment about his apparent arm fetish and he just laughs it off with a kind smile. Her skin is smooth and soft as he continues to run his hands from her wrists to her elbows, slowly. She makes another comment about how this current seduction technique of his sucks, in return he sticks his tongue out at her and she makes a face at him, amused that their relationship had managed to maintain its taunting attitude in face of everything that has happened to her.
            He’s silent when he finds small, almost unnoticeable scars along her skin. He pauses for a beat with a question balancing on the tip of his tongue. He waits for a sarcastic comment from her…he’s disappointed when he’s met with her silence. The skin around her scars are barely raised, and as he faintly grazes them with his fingertips. The
:iconbookerror:bookerror 88 22
chaleur | seijuro akashi x reader
    The route you took to school was covered in a blanket of white. The trees which stood adjacent to your path were poking out under their new white caps. The morning light struggled through the murky cold as you ventured through the snow, but even at its weakest, the sun was enough to blind.
    "I told you that it would be colder today," the young heir remarked. "Yet you never listen."
    Today you were given the opportunity to join Seijuro's side whilst walking to school, but if you had known that long walk would consist of the red-head's snide comments, you wouldn't have taken his offer as quickly as you did. Although he might have been true, his comments were unneeded, for the biting cold of the winter air chilled you into a clumsy numbness, only adding onto your irritation. The thin sweater provided with your school uniform was the only thing that shielded you from the cold, but its purpose had long been defeated due to your lac
:iconchronologize:chronologize 38 3
breakups. | romano vargas
"Hey.. I think we should just.. call it quits." he said, and his voice was dull and monotonous. You shift in your seat uncomfortably, unsure of how to respond. Your boyfriend, your third boyfriend this month was dumping you. He grunts and takes his glass of wine and sips on it. "It's not you, it's me."
'Yeah, right.' you thought out, fighting the urge to roll your eyes.
"No. It's okay," you then responded, getting out of your seat. "I totally understand. In fact, I was actually thinking the same thing. We weren't really having a healthy relationship, and yeah. It's just not working for me," you then take take out your wallet and placed a few dollars on the table. "It was nice meeting you, though."
He nods his head curtly, "You too."
You give him one last smile — this was probably going to be the last time you see him. You might not see him again, unless some kind of coincidence happens and you might bump into him with his next new girlfriend. You highly doubt that w
:iconshoujodere:shoujodere 155 25
Stubborn Love {Romano x Reader}
“Okay, so I love you. Deal with it… idiota ragazza.”
You’d never been more worried in your entire life.
You continued to sit in that uncomfortable hospital chair, simply watching him, for hours. Though no matter how long you waited, he still wouldn’t wake up.
You had no tears left, your knees weren’t shaking anymore, and your heartbeat wasn’t thumping erratically. Not like it had been during the time of the accident, of course.
You sighed, and continued to watch his sleeping face. He looked so cute and innocent that way. The nurses had cleaned him up pretty well; so his body wasn’t covered in blood and dirt anymore.
The beeping of the heart monitor was what kept you from going insane. You feared for his life, yes, but that monitor kept your hopes up. It had maintained a healthy, steady beat, just as the doctors had told you it would.
It wasn’t too serious of an accident- in fact the doctors assured you he would
:iconxyourhero:xYourHero 825 167
flustered [akashi seijuurou x reader]
"My dear [Name]."
You looked up from your laptop screen, slightly tilting your head to the side. Akashi truly believed that this level of cute behavior should be illegal. Everything about you seemed to scream 'moe' and he really had to fight the urges of wanting to pin you down and bruise your slightly parted lips with a rough kiss.
"Are you finished typing your essay?" he asked.
You sighed loudly and rubbed your temples. "Eh, no. I still have five hundred words to go."
"Maybe you should take a short break." Akashi leaned back against your headrest with his arms crossed over his chest, and a historical novel in his lap as he stared you down—in a loving way—making you blush to the tip of your ears. He found your reaction to his teasing too damn amusing.
"With you around? Haha, no. I probably won't be able to focus again."
"Well, it was worth a try." He smiled softly.
His bright smile made your flushed cheeks deepened a darker hue of pink. It was unsurprising ho
:iconokumurachanchan:okumurachanchan 690 38
RomanoXReader |High Maintenance|
You know you're in deep shit when you keep wanting to say "I love you" every second you see his face.
You knew from the very beginning, with his tanned skin, his hazel eyes that couldn't decided whether to be green or brown, and let's not forget his dazzling personality, that Lovino Vargas was going to be the death of you.
He was hard to love.
It was that simple. He was self conscious, rude, jealous, a bit of a cry baby, and the list when on; but it didn't really matter to you. You see the best  in him, even when it was so hidden from everyone, it was so blaringly obvious to you. You saw it in the way his lips lift up in the corners ever so slightly, the way his hands move when he cooks, the smoothness of his voice when he whispers to you sweet nothings, in Italian. You were sure that you were made just for him, for every fault in his personality, every crack in his happiness, you would be there to fix him. "I love you," the words would sound too casual, and it would
:iconprocrastinator-otaku:procrastinator-otaku 207 54
Romano x Reader: Ocean Waves
The sun was high in the sky when you arrived at your destination. You almost couldn't believe that it was real, but there you were with your bags and loads and loads of crates with your personal belongings, and a large truck behind you that had carried your boxes to this new country. You stood outside the new house that was to be your home and you couldn't wait to start unpacking to officially declare this house as yours.
It was a beautiful house by the sea on the coast of Sicily, and it had a beautiful view of the ocean from the hill it was built on. It had pristine white walls and warm brown tiles for the roof. All of the window frames had rounded edges and were coloured in a warm brown. Everything about the house seemed to radiate a Mediterranean vibe and that was exactly what you wanted. There was even a garden big enough for a few plants, and you also spotted an orange tree sticking out in the back. The location was great and the house was well kept. You had been lucky to get it a
:iconsherryveramuto:SherryVeramuto 50 44
latte art. | seijuro akashi
another coffee shop!au no one asked for.
a cup of coffee makes everything better.
You’re lying if you deny having fun working at this small coffee shop near your university.
Funds needed (studying in a university – money-consuming, really), you had no choice but to apply even part time jobs which will meet your class schedule. Fortunately, this coffee shop offered you one – and to which now you work as a regular shifter.
Two years straight.
Yes, you were having fun. Really fun.
Not until this red head arrived.
Making latte art is never easy. Getting the right foam texture, practicing the control in order to prevent mistakes, learning some troubleshoots possible if ever you made one – it was never an easy process. In your two years in the job, you still experience some difficulty in making the art, but this guy – a red head who looked at the same age as yours just perfected (yes, perfected) the hard aesthetic of coffee art, thus causing the ca
:iconhitofuri:Hitofuri 44 11
Come Back, Be Here- Akashi x Reader (Song Fic)
You said it in a simple way,
4 AM, the second day,
How strange that I don't know you at all.
Stumbled through the long goodbye,
One last kiss, then catch your flight,
Right when I was just about to fall
        The ruffles of your (f/c) dress swayed as you stand to greet Akashi Seijuro. You were in a fancy Italian restaurant, waiting for him. He called you a few minutes ago to come there immediately. He said he had some urgent news to tell you.
        “Sei-kun,” you greeted. He raised his hand, calling a waiter to bring in the menu. You noticed he was wearing a black tuxedo, with the tie he just asked you to choose yesterday. He looked so serious as he sat down, right across from you. You were used to him being like that, seeing that he inherited his father's company.
        “Akashi-kun,” you said, greeting hi
:icongreenstar617:GreenStar617 13 4
positive | akashi seijuurou
a/n: akashi and reader are both 20+ 
//akashi seijuurou x fem!reader
There was nothing more disorienting than waking up in a place you couldn't immediately recognise. Especially when a feeling so pleasant, so gratifying endorsed your body that you should have been wanting to get up, but you didn't. You were vaguely aware of something light weighing down on you as a mundanely sweet fragrance wafted through the air.
Beads clashed, rugs of fabric slid on and light suddenly illuminated the thin skin coating your eyes. They stayed closed - it was the effect of it having felt like the weight of the world was placed upon you and you were absolutely drained of the energy to shoulder that burden. Inhaling the scent of the most expensive kind of tea on the market today as it drifted through the air slowly, exhaling it, you leaned back further into one of the clouds of seventh heaven exclusively brought down for your delectation.
One of the exalted angels that had dwelled aroun
:iconyasmochi:Yasmochi 151 46



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